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JK get "The National High-tech Enterprises" again

Author:    Update Time:2015-12-12


Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, State Tax Bureau, Local Tax Bureau awarded JK "the high-tech enterprise" honorary certificate and plaque again in July 6, 2015 (Certificate No. GR201532000993), valid for three years. The honor has not only enhanced visibility and influence of JK's sucralose in the international market, but also reflects JK's advanced and innovative production technology, and JK also can enjoy preferential policies and financial support in technology, taxation, finance and so on.
High-tech enterprises identified policy is a guiding policy of the state, the purpose is to guide enterprises to adjust the industrial structure, take a independent innovation, continuous innovation road of development, stimulate the enthusiasm of enterprise innovation, improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation. If it’s identified as high-tech enterprises, it will be conducive to promoting enterprise technological transformation, stimulating the innovation power of enterprise development, enhancing enterprise brand image, enjoying tax breaks, improving enterprise capital value. High-tech enterprises is also an important condition to attract local government and industry organizations to implement preferential policies and financial support to enterprises, but also to attract more investment institutions and financial institutions, so as to promote the rapid growth of enterprises.